What is Mets Fix?

Mets Fix is a newsletter co-edited by Knicks Film School co-founder Jeffrey Bellone and former Salon editor Blake Zeff. We are two Mets fans who decided there should be a newsletter that covers our favorite team in a unique and comprehensive way.

Each newsletter will catch you up on the latest Mets news to start your day, with links to the best articles from your favorite sites. Plus, we provide in-depth coverage about the team — with analysis, original reporting and graphics you can’t find anywhere else. When you wake up in the morning, grab your coffee, and we will provide you with your Mets fix.

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What makes this newsletter different?

We want this newsletter to be what you want to read as a diehard Mets fan. We’ll save you time by summarizing the latest news, while providing insightful context. In addition to being diehard fans ourselves, we will use our backgrounds in journalism and public policy to help fans better understand and appreciate what’s happening on the field.

Baseball provides us with the words and the names and the numbers; fans cobble it all together into a narrative. And that’s what this newsletter represents. We will be writing a story about the New York Mets. Sometimes it will feel like the diary of a tortured soul, other times it will resemble a lesson in sabermetrics. We want this newsletter to mimic how we experience the game as fans, both emotionally and objectively.

When Wilmer Flores hit a walk-off home run in late July of 2015, the ball left his bat with a certain exit velocity and specific launch angle, but none of those numbers can quantify the emotion Mets fans felt in that moment. All of it is relevant to the story. We will try to fuse these things together in writing about the team. We will use graphics, like the one above, to illustrate key points. We will use advanced stats, when it makes sense. And from time-to-time, we will just let it fly, as the emotion strikes.

As Steve Cohen takes over as owner of the team, there has never been a more exciting time to be a Mets fan. We hope you join us for the ride.

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